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85% of recommendation lists never make it to friends

We often say: "I'll send you a list of my favorite books", but never follow through.


Promise to send a recommendation list


Don't have the time to sit down and create it


Be seen as unreliable and forget to follow through

All you need to share recommendationsand earn from them.

  • Easily create lists of things you would like to recommend, using rated lists or unordered. Tag your lists for easy discovery.
  • Simply connect your amazon affiliate account to your recommendations, and earn from each purchase from your network.
  • Get your own link. Launching in the future are tagged subdomains such as or
  • Easily tag your recommendations by categories such as books, tv-shows, movies or restaurants.


Create your lists once, share them infinitely.

Company (presale)

For businesses & companies




  • Unique link
  • Easily sharable
  • Recommend your products
  • Recommend partner products
  • Unlimited lists
  • Multiple categories

Pay once. Access forever.


Personal (presale)

Perfect for individuals & natural persons




  • Unique link
  • Easily sharable
  • Unlimited lists
  • Up to 15 recommendations per list
  • Multiple categories
  • SEO Optimized

Pay once. Access forever.


3 letter & common extensions




  • Ultra short extensions such as /me
  • Memorable terms such as ai, everyone, us etc.
  • Email Newsletter Functionality
  • Premium Support
  • Starting at 499 USD

Pay once. Access forever.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • We're currently in the pre-sale where we offer discounted prices. We're launching latest by the 1st of March, when our official pricing goes into effect.
  • It's simple! After you sign up, you can create an unlimited amount of recommendations lists. You can choose a category (such as books, movies, etc) or create a new one yourself. Choose whether you want to have ranked list or an unordered one. Share what you love!
  • Unlimited! You can create as many recommendation lists as you'd like. (Fair Use applies)
  • We have subscriptions as much as you. We'll only do life-time licenses.
  • Some of them may have, and others were curated by our team based on X Threads, interviews and public data. All sources are always listed at the bottom of their page.
  • Yes! You can request a refund within 7 days of your purchase. Reach out by email to or through the chat on our page.

  • Cool, contact us by email as

Share what you love & earn in the process.

No more empty promises about that list or this recommendation. Get your link now!